MWF Emissions Profiling

In January, 1998, the US National Institute of Occupational
Safety and Health (NIOSH) issued a Criteria Document for
Metalworking Fluids (MWF) in which they recommended a
time-weighted worker exposure level for total MWF aerosol
which is a ten-fold reduction from the current exposure
criteria in Ontario.

With increased focus on the usage of MWF in the workplace,
we have developed a testing and mapping protocol which
enables both quantitative and visual identification of MWF
emission source(s) to facilitate design and performance of
engineering controls.

Refer to the example below

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Sample Contour Map

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Noise Mapping

Typically, a noise survey conducted for an industrial workplace
results in extensive tabulated data. Envirotest can transfer this
data into contour mapping which provides a pictorial display
with colour coding options. Refer to the example below. Note
the red contour lines represent the highest noise levels, and
green the lowest levels. Compliance and non-compliance noise
areas can be clearly distinguishable.

For some of our clients, these noise maps are laminated and
posted in the workplace as an effective way to inform personnel
and to assign hearing protection requirement areas.

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Sample Contour Map

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